Monday, April 03, 2006

Parody oh Parody!

I've once again gotten terribly behind on my literature (well, if you can call what I read literature) postings. Here is the beginning of an absolute glut.

This is a terrible, terrible book. Exactly as intended. If you read Nancy Drew or any of her counterparts in the teen mystery genre, or, especially if you hated that genre, you'll find this book rather amusing. The most scratchy of wool has been pulled over the world's eyes! Nancy Drew the famous teen sleuth is real! Carolyn Keene was the jealous college roommate who stole name and persona for her own misguided revenge. Ned Nickerson was not the love of Nancy's life - what she loved about him was that she often needed to rescue him. Inside you'll find the life and cases of the REAL Nancy Drew, teen sleuth.

It is the perfect parody. Even so much as it is formulaic and annoying after the first 50 pages, although really, rather clever.

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