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Sexist Much?
Wherein I grimace at the table of contents of a couple of books.

Don't Accept Sexism, or Today in Don't Piss Off Twitter
Wherein I wasn't the only one to grimace.

One Shot World Tour: Best Read with Vegemite, Part 1
A short review of Randa Abdel-Fattah's Does My Head Look Big In This?

Me, the Missing, and the Dead
A longer review of Jenny Valentine's debut.

Dude. Susan Beth Pfeffer.
An interview with the author.

Don't ALL throne rooms have that feature?
A review of The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.

Robert's Snow & Julia Denos!
An interview with illustrator Julia Denos published in support of the Robert's Snow: For Cancer's Cure 2007 annual benefit auction.

Alibi Junior High
A short review of Greg Logsted's book.

Radar Books: Body of Evidence
A conversation about Christopher Golden's series.

Rotters, or Let's All Just Get Cremated
A review of Rotters by Daniel Kraus.

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