Review Policy

You don't want me to review your book. No, really. You don't.

I will give you no guarantees that your book will appear on this blog. If it does, I will do my best to review it honestly, objectively, and critically. Which means, gird your loins, and get ready. I don't sugar coat it. My intention is to provide readers with the knowledge they need to know who each book will appeal to, regardless of the quality of the book. Even crappy books have readers.

I won't link to Amazon, because I believe that organization is increasingly evil. I receive no financial profit for any content on this site. Review copies become giveaways to the teens at my library (those that I don't become entirely attached to). I do not want to be a cog in any PR machine, even though I realize that is somewhat impossible to avoid.

I write what I want, when I want, how I want. Sometimes that means I don't write.

See my About page for what I like.

If all of this is agreeable to you, you may email me at interactivereader at gmail if you have any questions.

Please note, that due to life and committee obligations, I'm unlikely to accept any review requests. Or, frankly, even to respond. Best of luck!