Monday, April 10, 2006

It's as Fun as Pink and Green!

I picked this up simply because I thought that the cover rocked without realizing that it's that James Howe (dude, who didn't totally love Bunnicula when you were a kid - wait, maybe that's why I have to read/watch all that vampire (only vamps with humor please, all that serious crap annoys me) stuff - I can blame it on James Howe! Or my mom, who gave me the book...) , or that it is getting a healthy dose of literary praise (not that that sways me, see that last post)(Wow, that was a lot of 'that's!). If you've read The Misfits (I haven't) you'll recognize our protagonist and his friends. Joe believes himself to be a "total original." When his English teacher assigns an 'alphabiography' to be written over the course of most of the year, each chapter culminating in a life lesson, Joe takes it on in the most honest fashion, pouring out his heart - even thoughts he wouldn't dare share with anyone else, until, partially through the support of friends and some family, he gains the courage.

This is an utterly CHARMING book. It is funny and sweet and not the more common angst-ridden gay fiction fare offered by the likes of Brent Hartinger or Julie Peters (not that there is anything wrong with those books, they are often very good, it's just nice to see the lighter side of coming-out fiction once in a while). This isn't to say that Howe avoids the serious issues that gay teens have to deal with, he just does it in a less dark and tragic manner. Anyone, it's a really enjoyable book.

This ends my parenthetical-ridden post. Sorry for the confusion.

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