Monday, April 03, 2006

Misguided Read (otherwise known as Jac screwed up again)

I read this SOLELY because Kip raved about Mary Jane vol. 2. My need for chronology lead me to this book. Yeah. This is an entirely different series of Mary Jane/Spiderman comic/graphic novel thingamajigs than what Kip was talking about. It was distracting, but not engrossing. Nor was it what I had intended to read. Sigh. At least it only took 20 minutes. I'll have to ask that Kip's recommendation gets purchased. Then I'll wait and wait. Sigh. This is a light, fluffy comic meant for girls who don't read the genre. It wasn't God-awful or anything, but it wasn't good either. As I said earlier, distracting would be the best adjective.

UPDATE: Well, it actually turns out that I read what I was supposed to read, but just got confused. Not atypical for me. Still doesn't make me like them more. It's not that I DIDN'T like them, I just didn't think that it was anything real special. Sorry, Kip. I still think you Rock, if that's any consolation. And, I'll still read things you recommend!

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Kip said..., I really like these. I do think Marvel's "we are going to act like we can do anime now because it's popular" stance is annoying. But really...these are cool...really...