Monday, April 17, 2006

Let's give it a name...How about...

I feel like Henry Garfield was just lazy. And his editor(s?, I haven't a clue) even more so. First of all, it jumps around POVs for the first half, all of which is set-up, before settling on Danny, the werewolf's son (which, considering the title, you'd have thought it would have started out that way, well, at least if you are me, you would think that) for the second half. Secondly, there is an entire character, Carlton, who gets to offer his point of view, before disappearing completely from the book, without explanation, you literally NEVER HEAR FROM/OF HIM AGAIN. You'd think that they'd at least throw a conciliatory sentence like "he got scared and hightailed it out of town, never to be seen/heard from again." (or are we falling into that whole what I think and what's "real" problem again) Anyway, there's a whole lotta rather boring setup that could have used either some editing or some punching up before it gets kinda interesting. It's A WEREWOLF book for Pete's sake! It shouldn't be boring! Ah well, the whole climax section was pretty good, but you really had to earn it by reading what came before. Sigh. Boys, +12.

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