Sunday, April 30, 2006

James, don't read this post

Ok, so I was not going to post tonight, especially at this hour as it would be tantamount to announcing that, yes, I'm still awake at 4:20 am, which will make my mother say something to me. However, tomorrow is the one day I don't have to work and I couldn't help it when my lack of somnolence led me to this site. I burst out laughing and probably awoke my neighbors due to the aforementioned thin walls. I had to share; I know most of you will appreciate it, if James, perhaps, will not. Sorry to point a finger at you, babe. I still love you and all your conservatism. Feel free to point back at me on your blog, but do try to be clever. ;)

On a note more of the faux milestone variety, in my dubious role of 'librarian in charge,' today I got to learn about biohazards when I had the opportunity to use the pathogen kit. (Please go back and read that last bit again if you didn't apply the appropriate tone of sarcasm the first time around.) One of the charming children chose, inadvertently I'm sure, to have a, well... massive... accident 10 minutes before close. Now, yes, I realize that urine is supposedly sterile, but that didn't make me feel less relieved when there were reassuringly thick blue disposable gloves in that amazing kit. It actually added a note of adventure in my mind - it instantly reminded me of the scary blue-gloved guys ("two by two, dressed in blue") from Firefly. Before people start with the outcry that I'm in public service and shouldn't complain - I'm not. Really. I didn't bat an eye. I knew that I was the one getting the 'big' bucks, the one nominally in charge, it was my responsibility. I was so glad it wasn't vomit or worse. I can't express how glad I was about that. Oh, and that powder stuff you sprinkle is totally amazing! It'll suck up ANYTHING. (one more amazing and I qualify for Tom Cruise status, blech.) I was also very grateful to Rachel who stayed late with me to help clean it up.

As it is now later than 4:20 am, I shall attempt for sleep.

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