Monday, January 30, 2006

Two Gulps

I don't remember why I read this. I think that maybe Rachel said something about it. Well, for whatever reason, I read it in two short sittings; it's one of those quick, satisfying reads that most of us can identify with, as we tend to be slightly dorky, rather intelligent (if I do say so myself) girls (intelligent, I meant, not girls. Well I did mean girls as I am one, and I most of you are too... oh dear. I'll just go with the thought that you know what I meant...). Egg is obsessed with a sci-fi movie called Terminal Earth, which she's seen 42 times (good grief. If I've seen anything 42 times it's The Princess Bride and that's only over like, 20 years). She's changed her appearance to fit the heroine, and hides behind the facade, which helps her forget that she's boy proof. She has everything under control, until the new boy hits town. Girls 12+.

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