Monday, January 30, 2006

Re-Reading For Your Gratification

I read this shortly after it came out two years ago. It being one of those many-character epics, I found that when I tried to bow to the overwhelming votes for Eldest in the poll, the little summary at the beginning of the book only served to confuse me about what I had forgotten in the time before its sequel's release. I had the basics down: boy finds egg that hatches into a dragon, must go on quest to save the kingdom. Pretty standard fantasy plot with a cast of twelve hundred and four. But this all of you know. I'm just telling you so you know I'm not ignoring the whole voting thing - I just needed to remember what was going on and why it was so important. I actually own Eldest, so it is one of the books I'll read in that brief time between libraries, when I'm without (gasp the horrors!) a valid library card. Next week, it is! (Same goes with Under the Jolly Roger).

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