Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finally Getting To It

You may remember me whining (or whinging, as befits the setting) about I Am the Messenger several posts ago. It was the last book I started during the G.I.A. and perhaps I just wasn't in the mood for something as dark as this is. I was really debating whether this was even a teen book, consumed as it was with the end justifying the means. There was serious doubt as to the outcome - it could have convincingly gone in any one of many directions. That alone is impressive. Basics: Contemporary Australia; 19 yr old Ed's life is going nowhere fast, until he manages to stop a bank robbery in its tracks. Soon he is embroiled in an extensive game that is both rewarding and dangerous. It was interesting, and I can see how the book would have a following, but it wasn't really my kind of book. Older teens, adults.

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