Monday, January 30, 2006

Not in the Heartland!

The return of Koertge brings an interesting (well, not that interesting) format/device where the voice rotates three characters who are on the cusp (yes, cusp. I said something earlier about coming-of-age themes, didn't I?) of graduation. The plan is for the inseparable trio to get out of podunckville and find a land of acceptance. The voices are largely individual, although sometimes blurry, which can be realistic - any group of people who spend that much time together do eventually pick up on each other's mannerisms. Elliot feels inferior, Larry is gay, and Teresa has an unrequited crush on Elliot. All of them need to come to terms with this. Oh, and there is that heartland vs. gay twist. I mean, you did expect that, right? It's a respectively tame and rather predictable read, but not unpleasant. Either, 14+.

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