Monday, January 16, 2006

One Stop Town, G.I.A., vol. 3

There isn't a whole lot to say about this one. Much like there isn't a whole lot going on in this community. Welcome to Library #4! It occurs as the third interview, but was arranged as the fourth, and I wanted to keep everything as confusing as possible. Have I succeeded? The pay is, well, really awful. However, although less actual money, the pay is not as atrocious as Dirty Urban Library, simply because the cost of living isn't even comparable. The job, however, is IDEAL. The position itself, I mean. The community is, well, rather limited, if not as soul-sucking as Tumbleweed Library. The staff could go either way. The Director seems fantastic (although it could be a cleverly placed facade - I've been known to fall for them in the past), but the long-established Children's Librarian would probably need a lot of hand-holding and, I suspect, significant adjustment to the new position and any changes that would have to happen. So, I foresee probable personality conflicts. And she's just a little to far away from retirement to wait it out.

I would be able to literally create the Teen Librarian position, and all of the programs therein. It sounds like the library is in a good place, I could probably have anything I can give a good reason for. That said, I can't quite figure out exactly where I would live. It's only 150 miles away from home, but I saw no real discernible living possibilities. Do I want to live in a place where everything you need is literally miles and miles away? And it is so not an attractive vacation destination, so will my friends actually visit me, since it is just far enough away to be inconvenient? This is basically, the perfect starter job. Assuming they want me and that I can want them. Argh.
Ok, maybe there was a lot to say about this one...

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