Sunday, January 15, 2006

There Were Tumbleweed! G.I.A., vol. 2

It's been almost a week since I left on the second adventure. I've been horribly remiss to make you wait, but in the few moments at home I've had over the last week, I wasn't really cognitive enough to give you anything worth reading (terribly presumptive that this is worth reading, isn't it?). On the way to Tumbleweed Library (#2, if you aren't paying attention) I was sofortunate to sit in the middle seat on both packed planes. So, what an auspicious start! I pick up my rental (PT Cruiser, blue) and head out on the hour-long drive it will take me to get to the city. And Lo! What is that I see dancing across the highway, not once, but THREE different times? Tumbleweed! TUMBLEWEED! I must admit that I've never seen tumbleweed and it had become a bit of a myth in my mind, relegated to cheesy westerns and vague recollections of NPR stories commenting on its proficiency at sucking up radiation from the ground. It was an unexpected encounter, and should have been my first clue.

There was nothing wrong with the library. At all. The job sounded like I would have fun, the people seemed very nice, the library itself was beautiful. It wasn't a youth position. I had applied to the teen librarian job, but they filled that internally and said that they were "still very interested in me for the adult opening." I can deal with that, I figure. I'd rather work with adults than with kids under 7, I say, so I'll check out the situation there. And I was right, the library was beautiful, the people great and I'm sure that I would enjoy the job. However, the land. The city. That's were the tumbleweed come it. I think that I would literally go mad if I lived in that part of the country. It was SO FLAT. There weren't trees. Not naturally, anyway. The wind would just blow and blow. I'd be like the woman in Centennial who goes mad from the flat and wind and dust and kills her family, then herself. I couldn't live there. Not and retain my soul. (how melodramatic) I just didn't expect it of this part of the country. I'll hear back from them this week. I'd like to know how much they'll pay. Just out of curiosity.

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Anonymous said...

There were actual tumbleweed! I am shocked. That definately doesn't sound like a fun place to live. Who knew.