Monday, January 23, 2006


Ok, can I quickly express my disappointment in the ALA awards (ok, the Printz, I lost faith last year in the Newbery's when Kira Kira won)? I'm totally behind "Looking for Alaska" (as evident by the link to the right connecting to the author's blog) but the rest of them? Yeah. Not so much. In fact, so uninspired that I'm not even going to bother putting them on hold. This may stem from the fact that I've been in the middle of "I am the Messenger" since the last plane ride (so we are talking since the 13th - simply ages). I've read a book and a half since I put it down - in the midst of deciding whether to move 2,000 miles away from home, finding apartments and packing (more on this later, I promise!) A delay like this is never a good sign. I'll probably finish it, but, man, who were those people on the committee? Those books are so unexciting. I'm sure they are good, or whatever, on whatever scale they go by, but there were fun books out there this year that were deserving, in my unworthy opinion. Poetry? Short Stories? Non-Fiction (even when about a music guy I like)? I don't know. Maybe one day I'll be on the committee (right, me win such a coveted spot, ha). I'd make sure that the award goes to books kids actually want to read. Argh. (this bitterness will be tempered with time, I'm sure)

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