Saturday, March 31, 2007

The plans, they go astray.

Fisher works hard. He studies for the grades he gets. The problem is that he's only doing it to make his father feel less guilty over his mother's leaving. He doesn't have a life outside of school, and he's beginning to fracture over the stress of having perfect grades and getting into college. So he does something drastic.

When his father goes out of town, Fish decides to blow off studying and go on a road trip with the neighbor's shady brother. He wants to see a bit of the world before he's totally committed to the rest of his life. Besides, he'll be home before his father ever finds out... These things, they never go according to plan...

This is an entirely personal opinion, based on nothing but my own issues: Fish! What are you thinking? You are a very smart kid! How could you possibly think that leaving with Lonny is a good idea? So, this is to say that I had a bit of a problem believing that Fish would get himself into such a predicament, AND THEN HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING OUT OF IT. But, this is me putting myself in his place. I'm not much for the rebelling. Maybe I just haven't been pushed far enough...

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