Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'll skip the cloistering. Thanks.

Rome, 1680's, under the rule of Pope Innocent XI. Angelica Voglia would have attracted attention simply because of her beauty, but since she also has the best voice in Rome, she finds herself part of power struggles ranging from her social-climbing mother, to one of highest offices in the world - the Pope. Innocent has banned women from performing in public in fear of their feminine natures... distracting... the laity and clergy alike. For her own safety, to escape confinement in a convent, and to sing, Angelica becomes The Queen's Soprano.

Carol Dines found just the barest mention of Voglia in research she was doing and it inspired this tale of what felt like a very oppressive religious regime. I wanted more than anything for this innocent girl to find happiness, which always seemed just out of her grasp. It is court intrigue at its finest. There is no predicting the next turn, or anticipating who is truly good or bad, and poor Angelica must learn alongside us. We see her grow from a dutiful daughter to a confident, sure woman who will make her own way and refuse to be a pawn.


Erin said...

This sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

This book was amazing and i was wondering if the blogger or anyone knew of any books like it because i absolutely loved this book

Jackie Parker said...

What was it you liked about it? Was it the history, the singing or the romance?

For the history and the romance, I'd try Loving Will Shakespeare by Carolyn Meyer.

Also Shakespeare's Daughter by Hassinger. It's about a girl who follows her father to London to become a singer - something that only men do.

For the singing I'd recommend a fantasy novel called Songmaster by Orson Scott Card. It's VERY different from The Queen's Soprano, but there are some similar themes.

You should also take a look at the Libba Bray books! It starts off with A Great and Terrible Beauty

For a classic you could try The Phantom of the Opera. There's lots of mystery and intrigue in that one.

For an older read, you might try The Other Boleyn Girl by Gregory, but remember, it is an adult book, and had adult themes.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think!