Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And the gold looks lovely.

I feel as though there is something rather redundant in me talking about a book that has already won the biggest award in teen literature. ... ... ...

Right. Monday is the day I work late, so on that magical morning in January, I work up early and watched the webcast of the awards announcement. It's not like I had anything better to do. I would have just slept. In fact, I think I did doze a little bit... Anyway. I immediately went an placed a hold on American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. It had been on the to read list, but being a graphic novel, it wasn't going to happen during Cybils. I read it that night. It demanded a second read. It just gets better.

There are three seemingly unconnected storylines that are ultimately concerned with stereotypes and self-acceptance. The art is great, very striking. It's humorous and serious, but not self-important or didactic. Absolutely worth the read. While they don't have a ton in common with each other, I'd give this to fans of Craig Thompson's Blankets. Which was equally awesome. If much, much, dear Lord much, longer. Or, actually, maybe give them this BEFORE you give 'em Blankets... yes, this is good. Much more diabolical... Runaways, then this, THEN Blankets.... muhahaha!

I really need to diversify my Graphic Novel Knowledge... (say that fast three times)


Anonymous said...

Oh great -- you're comparing it to BLANKETS?! You know how obsessive I am about that book. I'm definately going to have to read it now. Not like it didn't win an award or anything, which basically demands it to be read soley on that fact. :)

Unknown said...

it's officially on my list! I need to get into graphic novels, my one attempt resulted in an $80 check to SCLD... grrr. And nope, can't say "novel knowledge" three times fast :)