Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a map.

If you've worked hard your whole life to attain one thing, what happens once you get it? What do you do when the aftermath doesn't just fall into place? What if what you were striving for all that time really wasn't everything you thought it would be?

Craig Gilner wasn't ready for what happened after he got into the school he wanted. He wasn't good at it. In fact, he was really kinda bad. Which makes him question his life. It makes him question whether he wants to go on living. Freaking out, he calls the suicide hotline and ends up in the Adult Psychiatric Ward. At 15.

It's Kind of a Funny Story, well, is. It's far funnier than your standard novel about suicide and depression. It's another one of those books that I can see definite appeal with 20-somethings.

Ned Vizzini just sucked me into his blog. Which means he's kept me up too late. Weird, because, while I've liked this book and Be More Chill, I get a distinct feeling, after reading way too much of his blog, that if we were to meet each other he would scare me. And that we wouldn't really like each other very much. :( I know that's a really strange thing to say since A) I'm not going to meet Ned Vizzini and, B) what the *%^# am I basing that on? Whatever. I'm obviously going to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

You haven't posted in almost a week. It makes me sad. Not to guilt you into posting or anything. ;)