Friday, March 02, 2007

In Memoriam

Today we mourn the loss of the Wicca Handbook, by Eileen Holland. Again. She lived a long life, about three months. She provided entertainment for many, obsession and religion for others. Luckily she will be reborn.

Steal it all you want people. I don't care if you just don't want to check it out (get over yourself - no one cares what you checkout, besides that's what selfcheck is for), or if you are making a statement. I'm just going to buy another one. But, hey, thanks for tearing off the ISBN from the back cover. We wouldn't have caught it for days (weeks, months...) had you not. Peeling off the sticker was also helpful, since we did have two copies, only one of which was reference.

The library is free, and with renewal, you could've had the dern thing for 3 months, returned it and checked it out for another 3, ad nauseam. Jerk.

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Anonymous said...

GASP! No matter how often it happens or what the material is, something like this will always seem like an attack -- a personal attack on librarians, at that. Grrrrrr. There should be a jail sentence for people who get caught stealing items from libraries. Wait a minute...I think there may some truth to that.