Sunday, July 09, 2006

Spattered with pink blood.

In what must have been a ton of fun, two well-known YA authors came together to write a book in alternating voices. I assume Rachel Cohn and David Levithan had as big a blast writing as I had reading. The jacket flap says "If traffic is good, it only takes a half hour to bus and subway between their apartments."

Nick (odd chapters) has just been decimated by his girlfriend and is both desperate to get her back and wanting never to see her again, but she shows up at his concert and acting quick, he gets random girl (Norah, even chapters) to be his 5-minute-girlfriend. Naturally, the ruse has to last longer than the allotted time. Whatever will they do? Well, fall in love in the Punk Rock scene of NYC, of course! Not that that is as easily done. There's baggage, emotions, mixed signals, outside influences, lots of swearing, and so much more! (Including, but not limited to rather graphic, if not detailed, almost-sex. Did I say this was for older teens without clean clauses?)

Always fun, sometimes laugh-out-loud and with the occasionally cringe, this has cemented the fact that I need to read more David Levithan. Eventually I'll get around to Rachel Cohn. Incidentally, each has their own blog (and Cohn is all over the internet). Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist official site, viewable if your work computer doesn't block Flash. Like mine does. Stupid computer.

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