Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Best Reference Questions of Late. The Good & The Funny

In Person: I'm writing a letter to the editor and I want to be able to back up my argument. Here I say that the per capita carbon emission in the US is 25 metric tons.
Me: Well I don't see an authoritative source for that amount, but here's one that says it was 20.1 in 2002.
Person: That's close enough.

On Phone: I just moved here from California. Does this state allow medical marijuana?
Me: Yes, since 1998 the state has allowed Medical Marijuana for the following reasons.
Phone: What about for psychological issues?
Me: Um, you'll have to speak to your doctor about that.

Wait. Are these related?

If we were to allow for psychological issues... oh, that WOULD be funny.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha! Ok, I so needed to hear that funny story concerning the patron inquiring about "medical marijuana". That TOTALLY cracks me up.

Kip said...

About a week ago a patron says, "I'm looking for a book on self defeating behaviors, but I did forget my library card."