Monday, July 10, 2006

All babys should have mohawks.

It's not to say that everything that Gordon Korman writes will forever be held up against Son of the Mob, but well, ok. Yeah, he's always going to be chasing that one. However with this prologue, I knew SotM was in for a race:
"There are two kinds of people in this world - those who have had a cavity search, and those who haven't. This is the story of how I wound up in the wrong category." p. vii

Seriously, who wouldn't be excited after reading that? Oh, and the cover is totally awesome. Leo's known for awhile that his dad isn't really his dad, but suddenly, this Harvard-heading, Young Republican finds out that his father is King Maggot, lead singer of the maddest, baddest punk rock band the world has ever seen. Leo tries to ignore this embarrassing fact, but then fate conspires making him in need of tuition money. Now, not only does he have to admit that he's Prince Maggot, but he has to go on tour with the band and try to convince his publicly insane father to fund college.

I LOOVED this. I don't know if it was better than SotM, but it doesn't even matter. Korman excels at the fish-out-of-water scenario. I'll have no problem giving this to teen walking in the door, though know that there is a lot of off-screen casual (and possibly irresponsible) sex as well as alcohol and at least one drug scene. But hello? The kid's touring with a Punk Rock band. What do you expect. Leo is firmly anti-stupid.

This also made me laugh:
"Why are they bothering a band that hasn't recorded an album in sixteen years? What about rap or something recent?" King shrugged. "These people don't listen to music. They only know what The O'Reilly Factor tells them to hate." p. 134
hahaha. If only it weren't kinda true. Sigh.

Thus ends my Rock triumvirate (if you can call it that - King Dork was a while ago).

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Cory said...

Since you felt free to yell at me for not blogging often enough, I won't hesitate to say "The unecessary apostrophe in your title is making me crazy!!!!"