Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Brands I've never even heard of...

If you read this blog, you know that I love Meg Cabot. I do. The bar isn't high, but I expect to laugh a few times and feel good at the end, and I've yet to be disappointed. I might complain about one dimensional characters or stale romances, but I'll still read the next book because they amuse me and there's no commitment. That said, I have this one niggling issue with Queen of Babble that's driving me crazy, like, to the point that it has affected the way I feel about this book. This will contain spoilers. As if you don't already know what happens.

Lizzie Nichols has just graduated from UofM with a degree in fashion history, or so she thinks. Turns out she forgot to read the instructions, neglected to do the required thesis, and doesn't know how she'll get it done as she's off to visit her long-absent boyfriend in London. Supposedly, she's incapable of keeping secrets, but I find that she doesn't blab much more than is standard in your typical Rom Com. But that's not what bothers me. See, when she gets to London and sleeps with Andrew (total scumbag) Cabot makes a huge point about using condoms. Huge. Even (on page 77) for oral: "I make him change the condom first, though. I don't love anybody THAT much. Not even Andrew." Which is funny, I'll grant you, and bravo to Lizzie for it, but it's when she finally gets the real guy (not scumbag) and they have sex unexpectedly in the cask room and they don't use a condom, that I have a problem. What? It's ok if it's love? Why make the point earlier, just to abandon it at the first opportunity? Ok, he's rich, so pregnancy wouldn't be as big a deal, but seriously? With his ex-girlfriend? I don't care how much love there is - test him for everything. There's bound to be something crawling. ew. so. ew. Is it just me?

(Clearly an adult book)

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