Wednesday, July 12, 2006

“Close you eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there's no place like home.”

I'm off to fly home for four days and attend my friend Angela's wedding (for which I hope to dress correctly. The website says "semi-formal" and for women to wear "dresses," but as it's an outdoor wedding in July, I don't exactly know what "semi-formal" means, and I don't do dresses, I'm not positive that my choice is correct. I wear skirts. I haven't worn a dress since my some weird formal freshman year of college. I'm hoping the semi-formal bit is meant for 'Cousin Jethro' who would wear jeans unless told not to. That's what I'm banking on, at least.). Because of the wedding, I should be able to see all of my library related friends in one place for what will probably be the last time for a long while, what with me being out here, Angela living in London, and various others of us looking at the library market farther afield than West Michigan. It sounds like I'll get to see all of the family who lives within an hour of GR, and it also looks like I'll manage to see most of my oldest friends, except Ryan, who'll be wandering around the woods somewhere in Upstate NY. Ryan, if you ever read this, I hope that makes you feel guilty. I am greatly looking forward to it (Seeing everyone, not making Ryan feel guilty. Well, ok, making Ryan feel guilty is fun too!).

I'm less looking forward to the 3:30 am alarm clock and the following 12 hours of travel. This, of course, includes the two (2!) layovers. I'm not bringing my computer, so I don't know how connected I'm going to be. Most likely, there won't be any new posts between today and Tuesday, at the earliest. The big question - what books am I going to bring?!

But first, one last post! (sorry about its bad writing - I need to go finish packing and go to bed)

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