Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Bits

It's no secret that I'm an NPR junky. Have been for years. It all started with those fun weekend shows - Whad'Ya Know, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, but most of all, above all others, This American Life. My Faaavvooorite. However, since my relocation, I have been in horrible withdrawl. NPR out here bites. I don't even seem to wake up to Scott Simon anymore, and that makes my heart hurt because I love him. But that's not the point - I never hear This American Life anymore, and really? That's like a law forbidding chocolate. Yes, I could buy it off of Audible, or try and find a convienient live streaming audio, but really? Those solutions aren't all that plausible. And now, to my ecstatic reception, This American Life is available as a Podcast. I listened to my first TAL podcast on Friday, and it made me feel warm and cozy. To make it even better? David Sedaris. Rock on. TAL really does make my life happier. YAY!

In other news, I swear to God, if I slice my hands open one more time in the near future, I might as well just cut them off. I now have, from various means, four cuts. Two on each hand, just to, you know, remain balanced. Oh, and that's not counting the one burn blister. Sigh.

Also, Go Vote.

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