Friday, November 24, 2006

The Boy Book

Conveniently having read E. Lockhart's The Boyfriend List, shortly before the Cybils began, I was ideally placed when the sequel The Boy Book was nominated. Ruby Oliver's angst was fresh in my mind, and I even survived the transition from the audio version I listened to for the first book to the print version for the second. It was actually kind of nice to see some of of the Ruby-isms spelled out; i.e. knowing that Ruby shortens to Roo rather than Rue, that "Agh" is actually "Ag".

While it was rather comfortable getting back to Roo's Seattle, I found myself, posting as I am, a full 10 books later, I needing a refresher to remember what was going on. Ruby's still in therapy, and she's beginning to chafe a bit about it. She's still not on speaking terms with most of her old group of friends, but she's made some new ones. She still pines away for that sleazeball Jackson, but she, like The Queen of Cool, has taken a job at the zoo. Will she finally find some peace within her own skin?

Having throughly refreshed my memory now, I remember that I liked this a lot. I think that Lockhart's really got that teen girl mind down. I'm no longer under twenty, but I still totally identify with Roo's issues and obsessions. I get wanting something you know isn't good for you, something you know in your mind you're better off without, but not quite being able to shove it out of you heart. It sucks, and Lockhart depicts it too well.

And she so totally leaves it open for a sequel!

Cybils Tally: 21/30

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