Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The elder Anne Hathaway

You know, I felt really bad for Anne Hathaway. I kept recalling that bit in Pride & Prejudice where Charlotte gets all pissed at Lizzie because Charlotte's chosen to marry that obnoxious pastor-cousin of the Bennetts, Mr. Collins, rather than continue as financial burden for her family. She chooses security over a dream. There's similarity there. All three women are independently minded, and while I can't speak for Charlotte, Anne and Lizzie don't wish to settle. Of course, Anne almost does before it is forced upon her in an entirely different manner. Lizzie's a fairy tale. Anne just gets the second best bed.

Seven years older, Anne has known Will his whole life. By the time of his adolescence, Anne respects Will's wit and intelligence - and he is infatuated with her. She dismisses the attention of the younger man, but she can't deny the friendship. Life is hard in the 16th century, and soon Anne finds that situations change. Fast.

I was kind of mesmerized by this book. The title tells you what is going to happen, but as a reader, you go truly through the emotional turmoil Anne experiences. As a history buff, you know that even when she does marry the guy, it isn't exactly ideal - hence the second best bed (though in all fairness, it could have just been more comfortable, or her fav or something, no one knows).

Also, I totally dig the cover. A far better cover than that other Shakespeare love book published this year. Will's way unattractive on that cover, and I like the ethereal quality of this one. The not quite touching hands says a lot. Of course, the other cover reveals a ton more about the plot.

Cybils tally: 18/80


Anonymous said...

Is that guy on the cover tying to cop a feel on that woman in the picture?

Becky said...

I absolutely loved this book. It was the first Carolyn Meyer book I had ever read, and it hooked me. I'm now a huge fan! While I thought it was odd that 2006 saw the publishing of (at least) two books on Shakespeare's love life, I'm glad this one was. I loved learning about the time period.