Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Group, Round 3

Book Group has swelled to an impressive seven patrons with Esme Radj Codell's memoir, Educating Esme. My goal has always been to have between seven and 12 patrons, so I'm pretty happy. Five were returning.

Esme is a first year teacher in inner-city Chicago. She's dealing with abused and neglected kids, a less than ideal principal and she gives it her all. At times Esme is annoyingly superior, but I had so much respect for the good she accomplished with her students that I could overlook some of her attitude. I thought the book was funny, disturbing, and touching.

The book group, as one would expect, had a vast spectrum of feeling for her. One woman thought the lack of respect Esme showed for everyone appalling, and wouldn't have wanted Esme anywhere near her children. Several absolutely loved the book. One was more on the fence - she thought reading it was a chore, but that she'd probably want her kids in Esme's class. Most would have wanted their children to have an Esme. Either way, discussion went over an hour and I deem it a qualified success. I think next time I might even feed them.

Mostly, I can't wait until next month. Because my selection is rather, er, different, I think it will be a heated discussion. I'm sure that several of them will absolutely Hate the title. I will not deny that was one of my reasons for choosing it. Personally, I thought it hilarious. We'll have to wait until December 13 to find out how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Seven--That's great! Perfect number to bring on the swearing and 40-something sex...No really, though, congrats on getting good numbers!

Rachel E.

Penni Russon said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm actually just dropping by to let you know I've linked to your review of Undine on my blog, Eglantine's Cake. I did have to laugh - I might have to use that line (because the sea is powerful - duh) in the last book ;)
You might be interested to know that the book is slightly less wrapped up in Australia, I was asked to change it for the US market. Not that I have a problem with criticism...really. Honestly. No, no, really.
I've had a lovely time looking around your blog by the way. I love librarians, they're so the new black.
Penni x

Cory said...

But . . . what is next month's title? Why do you torture us so??!?

Little Willow said...

Congratulations! So glad to hear that the return rate was so high. :) -- Little Willow