Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some Ice would be nice...

Back when I was a teen I loved reading historical disaster novels. I think that there was a series of them and I read every title I could get my hands on (then probably returned them late, I was a horrible patron even back then). I remember most distinctly the one set during the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (6,000 dead). There were normally harmless objects killing people left and right and things that wouldn't normally scratch a fly impaled in walls and poles. It was very harrowing and there was always a romance wrapped up along with the adventure. I know at least one of those many titles were set in San Francisco six years later.

I've read many a historical novel depicting a young girl struggling against the confines of her society. This one is no different. Set over about 5 years surrounding the 1906 SF earthquake, Jessie Wainwright wants to be a doctor like her prominent father, but her family wants her to be the ornament society expects of a wealthy daughter. Nevermind her obvious capabilities. Add culture wars, adultery, adventure, heroism, intrigue, and of course, romance. Shake. Viola! Aftershocks by William Lavender. It might not circ a ton on its own, but rest assured, it is an easy sell. Know that the adultery bit is a tad shocking and dealt with head-on. Girls +12.

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