Friday, June 02, 2006

Can't Stop the...

Here's a funny story. When Buffy ended it was a big deal. Not to me. I didn't watch the show, or any of the other Whedon shows. But when it ended, it was all over the place. They were talking about it on NPR, for Pete's sake. Seriously. It was huge. It gained some cred to me once it made NPR, but whatever. Then, about a year later my Mom comes to me and says:
"You know, I've been thinking I'd like to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Does the library have the DVDs?"
"Uh...yeah. Wait, really?"
"I was thinking we could start over Christmas break"
And so it began. My Mom got me into all things Joss. We slammed through Buffy, taking only one annoying break where Mom ate too many almonds (while watching Buffy) which freaked out her pancreas and she had to get her gall bladder removed (clearly not sound medical logic, but I don't care, she made me wait three weeks before I could watch "Once More, With Feeling." I will forever blame the almonds.).

Anyway, after Buffy came Angel, then Firefly. Then Serenity. And that's were this short graphic novel (Serenity: Those Left Behind)comes in. It takes place between the end of Firefly and the beginning of Serenity. Now clearly, being one who owns both Firefly (awesome Christmas present, Ryan) and Serenity, I know those characters. I know exactly what's going on. It still rocked. One fight and I was right back into that world. Even the non-initiated would fair well. They might not know Dobson's (or anyone else's) back story, but they don't need to in order to understand the motives. The sparse language of the screen versions translated impeccably into the graphic novel. I'd love to see more of these.


fusenumber8 said...

I can't imagine the pain of waiting that long for "Once More With Feeling". I was watching it live on tv when it came on and it was wonderful. Ah, Buffy. Ya gotta miss that show.

Jackie Parker said...

One day I will own that 40 disc complete series of Buffy. One day when I've got $200+ laying about.

Anonymous said...

You could have gone ahead without me...of course when would you have had the time? going to grad school, working and visiting me in the's not my fault.

Jackie Parker said...

Hey, I blame the almonds, not you!