Friday, June 09, 2006

One Step Closer

I have never read Jane Austen. My mother tried to get me to read P&P, my Brit Lit 2 prof tried to get me to read Persuasion, another Lit prof tried with Sense & Sensibility. I know people who read her books over and over again. P&P is the favorite book of more people than I can count, and yet I STILL haven't read it. I'd get two chapters in and become completely irritated with the characters. Nobody can say or do anything that they actually want to do, leaving only frivolity for discussion. This was my impression - as a teen being coerced to reading. I never did well with forced reading. It rather takes all the fun away.

Straight A student, Alice, got a C+ on her Pride and Predjudice paper. Her teacher is giving her a chance to reread the book and write another paper over Christmas break. Alice sees the book, not as the comedy it is, but rather as an out-of-control tragedy. You see, she identifies with Mary - quiet, nerdy, socially inept, Mary. She hates the book, but she hates C+'s more. So she starts to read it again, but this time she's changing how it turns out for Mary.

This was actually a really sweet book. Very short. Named after the original title of Austen's novel, First Impressions follows along what I suspect (by my copious movie watching) is roughly the tract of P&P. Not having read the inspiration I can't give any in-depth analysis (yeah, like I do that) but I can say that it was a satisfying read. Very much a feel good book.

I'm ever more one plodding step closer to reading that demmed book.

For Fun:

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are You?


Anonymous said...

Hey....I never forced you to read anything....I was probably just trying to get you to read something besides the insipid Sweet Valley Twins/High drible.
(of which she still has copies)


Jackie Parker said...

Hey - reading is reading. And I still own only 3 of those books - they are atypical examples. One is in fact fantasy and the other two are historical. I stand by them, in fact that fantasy one I read way more times than I can remember. The insipid ones were given away, along with the archival BSC books (I must have had 100 of them).