Monday, June 26, 2006

And it's not even a kid's book!

Right. So it is a treatment that few titles get. I allowed 12 Sharp to jump ahead of 14 books. Christie offered to let me borrow her copy as long as I finished it by Saturday (3 days to read Evanovich? No problem). It was either that or wait for the 112 people ahead of me on the holds list. That, and who doesn't want to read that fun indulgent romp come summertime? It's bound to be way more fun that what I was reading (King Dork).

It's not stellar or anything. It's really not even noteworthy. But it was still fun, and I was glad to see those characters I love once again. Basic plot: Ranger's kid gets kidnapped by a maniac impersonator with surprising skills. The authority suspects Ranger, making Steph the one who has to help figure out what's going on, slash, be the bait. Which any reader of this series knows she excels at.

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