Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Simple Desires on Valentines

It was a simple desire, really. All I wanted was pizza.

I'm thinking, I had a rough day of unpacking, blogging, and reviewing of benefits for the new job. I don't feel like making food in my still unsettled kitchen (all that Corningware, you know). I'll order pizza. I have internet now, so I'll look up the nearest pizza place. So I do. Surprisingly, Domino's is the only thing around. Everyone always says that Domino's is evil, I've never had Domino's. I'll try Domino's. I call. I get put on hold. Eventually, a girl comes on I tell her what I want and she asks for a phone number. She asks if I have a local one. I say, no I just moved here. She says that she can't sell me pizza without a local number. Can't sell me pizza. I ask why. She says something pathetic like because of prank calls. I say, well why don't you take the number and we hang up. Then you can call the number back, and see, no prank. She says she can't call long distance. I say, "You are seriously not going to sell me pizza?" She says there isn't anything she can do. I say "There's gotta be a way around this." She says she's sorry and it isn't her fault. I said this is stupid and hang up. I can think of two ways around this. I could pay with the credit card over the phone, or I can talk to the manager and promise that I'm a good girl who will promptly answer the door and pay, even tip the delivery person. But there isn't any way around. I emailed the corporate office and am now very hungry. Now I know why I’ve never eaten Domino’s. They are evil and everyone knew it but me.

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Anonymous said...

where i come from eating dominoes is a sin