Friday, February 10, 2006

Now the road winds...a lot

1,707 miles behind me, 315 miles yet to go...

From the Road:

Picture it: A Snowstorm. A Semi. Pulling speedboats.

A Sign: 50 Miles Until Next Rest Stop. Commence roughest and most bumpy stretch of road yet.

How long do you have to sit in a car before you develop the bedsores of a convalescent?

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. It was the promise of free breakfast that did it. This being the second hotel in the last, well whenever this all began, to think that biscuits and gravy are a good idea at 7:30am. Disgusting. My mom emailed me and told me to eat vegetables. I emailed back to ask if she'd settle for a disgustingly high-fiber bagel and a multivitamin. She told me to stop for broccoli. It's traveling food, that broccoli. I think that Gwen Stefani should sing about broccoli next, I'm having a hell of a time spelling it.

Today was definitely harder than yesterday. I didn't sleep all that well, got woken up at 6am by a well-meaning cousin's phone call that didn't retain signal long enough even for me to answer it, and well, it is the 3rd day of relentless travel. Ok, the first day wasn't a big deal, but still. Today I actually pulled over at a truck plaza (one that offered wireless, but I wasn't paying the $5 for it) and took a nap. Until my brother called and woke me up, that is.

You know those whiteouts you get when it's really gusty? I had those. And more! I actually went through 'brownouts' too. It was so windy that loose dirt (which is apparently prevalent) would converge on the road limiting visibility to, well, your nose. I hate dirt. It was like the 1930's or something (yeah, right, like I'd know that). The wind was so bad, that when I would stop the car, it would rock from the buffeting wind. Think of me trying to drive +75mph. Yeehaw.

Playlists: So far, no fewer than 3 of you have decided to put Blvd of Broken Dreams on. Even more have included other songs from that album, all of which I love. Too bad none of you actually got my favorite song on the disc (Holiday). It's just kinda funny that that's one of the only songs no one picked.

Dan: I have not forgotten you. Your playlist has, more than anyone's, had me singing along and bobbing my head. You chose with intelligence, humor and sweetness. That is why I love you (in a merely platonic way, for anyone getting ideas out there, I don't want to hear it). I simply had to play the Spamalot song (Always Look On the Bright Side of Life) more than once.

Anna: Being 9, I doubt that you are reading this. However, once you got past the predictable 9-yr-old choices of funny titles and anything with the word 'dog' in it, you chose some pretty darn cool stuff. (For those who are curious: Diamond Dogs, Fever Dog, Hound Dog and Dog Eats Dog, the later being from Les Miz and odd to have in a random compilation, as I would never listen to it unless listening to all of the soundtrack, (= )

Aunt Pam: I'm still surprised you know Rufus W's music. Your list was short, but fun and varied.

Billy: Aw. You totally got caught up in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. That was really funny to me. I clearly like it, so it was cool. Otherwise your randomness was great, you chose well. And kept me awake. Always a plus, what with that pesky chance of fiery death.

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