Saturday, February 11, 2006


Quick note before I start today, had to share. The weather forecast for today: Abundant Sunshine. They actually said that!


Anonymous said...

HI Jackie- LOVE your updates! I'm spreading word of your blog far and wide. By the way, even though I'm an "old person" I love the Green Day song Holiday, as well as Blvd and tho you didn't mention it, Weezer's Beverly Hills. I would love Green Day just for their anti-Bush stance even if they didn't make such catchy music. Keep the updates coming. Even if we don't comment, we're reading!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Kathy.
P.S. read Julie and Julia. Now know why you enjoyed it so much. It must have had something to do with all the cracks about republicans.

Troy said...

Hey there,
Can you send some of that abundant sunshine back to Michigan for me?
Sorry that I was out sick on your last day! I am going to miss you!