Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jacky Faber, Back!

I can't make any secret about loving this series. I wish more people knew about them. Under the Jolly Roger is the third in the Bloody Jack sequence. It all started with Bloody Jack, which was where we meet Mary Faber, orphan street rat of London who tricks her way onto HMS Dolphin as a ship's boy. She must maintain her hidden identity and fight off a pirate or two. It was swiftly followed by The Curse of the Blue tattoo, and now this tome. Each book throws us, and Jacky, in to insane and wonderfully varied worlds where Jacky must continually morph to fit her situation and to come out on top, while learning a thing or five. It's like Alias set in 1805 with boats, er, ships. It's simply rollicking, and I can't wait for another - write on Mr. Meyer!


Anonymous said...

I loved this series too! After I finished reading the Jacky series I started reading another series by Libba Bray, the first book was A Great and Terrible Beauty, and the second book is Rebel Angels both series take place around the same time, the 18th century! Guess what the second book in the Libba Bray series takes place in London and they mention riding over the BlACKFRAIRS BRIDGE in a carriage the same bridge that Jacky lived under! They also mention all the dirty, poor, hungry children begging them for some work in return for a few coins and I was just thinking I bet one of those children is JAKCY! I thought it was really cool that you could get two different perspectives of the same time period in the same place & it was a really amazing coininsodence.

Jackie Parker said...

It is really cool! Historical fiction is so much fun for that kind of thing!

Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

I have always loved historical fiction, and the bloody Jack series just put that over the edge for me. It all started out when my librarian showed me the bloody jack book. I didnt take much interet in it until I started getting into the story. Her being orphan mother and father have both died,she needs somewhere to go. So she finds the dolphin not realizing how many adventures that ship will take her to, or that she would find the love of her life on the ship(which she has not married yet which is stupid). I always get so caught up in these books, and they take me away from reality. Jackie would be one of my best friends if she was a real person. I have always had this fascination with pirates and these books just made that fascination stronger. There is everything to love in these books. Jackie who you just want her to be with Jamie so they can be married, the awful girl who tries to ruin everything(clarissa Howe), and all of Jackie's best friends. You want things to turn out right for Jackie but she is always getting in and out of trouble. She needs to calm down and think before she steals a boat and tells herself that it is okay because the captain of it signed something. Now she is wanted for piracy, but Jamie is always there to save her, and from an excerpt he tries and I dont know if he will succed. ANother great pirate series is the Piratica series. It is interesting to compare the two pirate queens head to head.

Jackie said...

But would you really want her to be married to Jamie already? I don't know if she'd be able to have so many adventures if she were! Besides, she's still young!

Thanks for the comment, Katie!

Can't wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

I love this series, I just finished reading the 4th book, In the Belly of the Bloodhound. I can't wait for the next book.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This series is one of the best ever! i absolutely love historical fiction, and i love Jacky!i totally want more people to know about it. i feel like i can relate to Jacky so well. Most people, when they start reading it, get annoyed with the way she talks, but it changes by like page 62 when Tilly teaches them all how to talk. anyways, im so happy that other people have actually read the books and like them! finally!

Emily Higginson said...

BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!