Saturday, June 09, 2007

Speaking of books I should have read YEARS ago...

Vegan Virgin Valentine's been on my radar for years. One of those books that I'm always "getting to." It's not that I expected to not like it (because I totally liked it), it's more that I was a little underwhelmed by the cover (note I picked the pbk cover, even if it's a plague of an image) and, well, I never looked too closely at it even when I knew everyone else liked it (because?).

Mara Valentine's right on track. She's been accepted to Yale (early) and now it's just a race of tenths of points whether she or her ex-boyfriend Travis (the jerk) will be valedictorian. But before she settles down into that last slide toward college her niece (only a year younger; don't ask) Vivienne "V" comes to stay. V picks up a new vice everywhere she lives - she is Mara's antitheses and within hours V's fooled around with Travis. Looks like the last legs of high school won't be quite what Mara was expecting...

Can I tell you how much I was rooting for Mara & V? I SO wanted them to be friends - no - I wanted them to be sisters. Carolyn Mackler's given us a deceptively simple book. It's fun, it's sweet, but both these girls have their baggage. V's are pretty obvious, but Mara's got some serious issues too; along the line of Abbey, Mara a little repressed and rather attached to control - she's become so focused on being The One Hope, that she's let other things slide, like friends. She desperately needs a little shaking up, and V is just the girl for the job - if they can just get past the resentment they feel toward each other.

Why am I reading this now? Well, due to a lovely benefactress, I received the ARC sequel to VVV, Guyaholic in the mail this week. Just in time for a true gluttony of books. It's like it was meant to be.

Reading: 228 pages in 2 hrs 19 minutes
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