Saturday, June 09, 2007

If I wore those heels I'd fall flat on my face. Really.

Do you remember that sort of flippant thing I said awhile ago about characters going on road trips to find themselves? I think I should have taken some sort of hint from the cover of Carolyn Mackler's Guyaholic. Yep.

Lots of alcohol, lots of drugs and LOTS of sex. It's about as graphic as teen novels get. All as appropriate for the character. V is back. She's returned to continued success on stage, and has even been accepted to a choice college. But things, they are a bit odd in V-world. After literally falling into his lap V, has been dating Sam for THREE MONTHS. If you know V, you know that boys do not hold her attention for two weeks. Sam wants to define their relationship. Sam wants to be able to hold her hand. Sam wants to call her his girlfriend... V can't handle this. She doesn't want to lose Sam, but it sends her in the opposite direction. V screws up. Big time. Like Mara who went vegan to forget Travis, V decides to drive cross-country to see the flaky mother she hasn't seen in 18 months. So, as she drives away from Sam and toward her mother, V must confront the real root of her problems.

Who needs therapy when they can drive across country alone? V's a good kid. She just grew up with a lousy mother and no stable environment. She's got issues. She needed to work them out. V tends to use guys to cover up facing those issues. She substitutes their lust for what she doesn't want to think about. It's a poor substitution, and it can take you only so far. Especially if you suddenly find yourself wanting to trust someone. Take the guys away and what's left? Just you. Deal.

Due out August 14th, according to Amazon.

I'm going to go read something that doesn't have any pink on its cover. Hopefully, the next kid will have decent parents; I'm getting a little tired of absent/lousy mothers/fathers.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo! This one looks GOOD!!! And that cover totally got me. And I have to wait until August for this? Sigh. I'm sure it'll be worth it.