Monday, June 04, 2007

Bad men, haven't you HEARD of Jacky Faber? Just give up now. She's so gonna win.

Continuing in the theme of yesterday's post, Jacky's got herself into a very uncomfortable situation in the fourth installment of L.A. Meyer's Bloody Jack Adventures. Did I know exactly how this one would end within the first few pages? Yep. Did I care? Not one whit.

Last we saw Jacky she was escaping after the bloody navel battle at Trafalgar. It was a narrow escape, as usual, and particularly fortuitous since she was bound to England as a prisoner on charges of piracy. Charges which were largely warranted... She's left her beloved Jaimy behind yet again as she seeks sanctuary in a most unlikely place - Miss Peabody's school. When we last saw the school in Curse of the Blue Tattoo, it was in flames as Jacky was fleeing from the conflagration she caused. Now she's back with a sizable prize on her head, and bounty hunters out to find her. None of this matters for long, because far more nefarious plots are afoot. The Peabody Academy has been marked. On a science field trip to an island, the girls are kidnapped and locked in the hold of a slaver. Most of the captives are wealthy girls of high standing, and their captors intend to sell them for a pretty penny (let's not mince words, shall we) as sex slaves in North Africa. This time, it isn't just herself Jacky has to worry about. Drawing on her natural leadership abilities, her role as captain in the last book, and everything else she's learned in her adventures, she's got to get the entire school to work together for their freedom. And this includes her school nemesis, snobby Clarissa Worthington Howe. It might just be her hardest task yet.

Sections of this one dragged just a bit, and there was a lot of rehashing of past adventures. These were done in a way that actually worked within the story since it was Jacky's telling the tales to the girls to keep their mind off their predicament, and to get them to fully trust her by proving that she's been in many a tight spot before. There was a little more in the way of psychological drama than in the past, but it's still largely plot driven.

I've been wanting to read this for months, but I saved it for a time where I could truly savor it; a time where I really needed the escape. I read it on the plane. I forgot I was flying. I love this series. After almost 5 years and 4 books, I still want more - even though I've a bit of an inkling what's going to happen in the next book. Write on Mr. Meyer. Right on (and quickly man, I want another!)

And really, if you haven't read these yet... Well, humor me. Go to the library or your favorite bookseller and pick up Bloody Jack. Really. You won't regret it.

UPDATE: Ok, well, I think that I actually knew this, but forgot when I was writing the review: Mississippi Jack due out September 1st. Not what I was expecting, but it fits with the girl. I really, really want this. What do you think Harcourt? Pretty-please...? ;)

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