Monday, May 08, 2006

So Behind

There is something futile in having a blog covering something like literature - whatever the genre. No matter who you are, there is no way to read everything or really even most of it. If you are lucky you'll have chosen to read the books that either everyone else has read or the titles that get nominated for whatever award, thus achieving the allusion, or at least convincing yourself that you are on top of it all. In Reality (Like I Ever Need That), good stuff is constantly slipping through, and suddenly 2 years have gone by and wait? Who's Scott Westerfeld? A bad librarian, I hadn't even heard of Scott Westerfeld until Peeps came out, which I loved. And now I'm playing catch up.

Having been shipped out to a library that easily tripled my drive time, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to listen to an audio book - something I hadn't done since my cross-country adventure. Enter So Yesterday. Hunter is a 'cool-hunter'. He gets paid to wander around Manhattan finding trends before they are trends - and reporting back to the 'client' who will then make money off of Hunter's discoveries by marketing the life out of them. His life is pretty good - but then Hunter's boss disappears under mysterious circumstances, and Hunter and his girlfriend stumble onto something so cutting edge that they are now running for their lives while still working to rescue Hunter's boss. 12+

What do I think? Not as good as Peeps, a little predictable, but still edge of seat. I do really love the way that Westerfeld throws in factoids, both here and in Peeps. I love factoids.


Little Willow said...

Westerfeld's works are AMAZING. SO YESTERDAY is my least favorite of his books, and that is only because I love the other series more - It's like saying yellow is my least favorite M&M, when I love them all. ;-) I do hope you will check out his other series. If you liked PEEPS, make sure to read Christopher Golden's OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS Saga (four books).

Jackie Parker said...

Yeah, Feed is Very Good. I've read Golden's Body of Evidence series, which I've enjoyed immensely. I also read the first 3 of his Un-Magician books, which I thought were good at first, but less interesting the further they went along. I've not heard of Saints and Shadows though.