Monday, May 22, 2006


I was going to read My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli, but then I figured out that it was the third in a series, and, well, that just can't happen. So I substituted it with the first. What strikes me most is its resemblance to the movie Clueless minus the matchmaking and dead mother, plus food & recipes (I am SO going to find a reason to make the cheese puffs). Maybe it was the tone. I don't know. It was ok. I imagine that the series has gotten better. Cup seemed rather like a prelude to the next installment. Which I doubt I'll read, although I am curious to see how her love life turns out. Maybe someday, if I'm desperate (yeah, like I'm ever out of reading material). Although only 3 years old (and British) the slang seemed very dated to me. Nice to have a normal-sized female heroine, and the love your body theme. Girls +12.

Most amusing line: "Portia is named after some bit of a totty in a Shakespeare play. There isn't a pound of flesh on her..." p11. Yes, it's a hit-you-over-the-head Shakespeare joke, but I still thought it clever.

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