Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is how I watch movies.

So it turns out that I have something in common with the YA author Gail Giles. I was reading her blog (link now found on the right bar)and she sucked me in to the point that I read all the way back to March when she posted about her movie watching quirks (for lack of a better term). Darling Dan refuses to see movies for the first time through with me. If he can't avoid it, he sits as far away as possible. See, I tend to catch things too early. It's usually some random epiphany that gives away endings that I can't help but blurt out. However, if Darling Dan HAS seen the movie, he finds no end of amusement in sitting next to me just to see what I anticipate. That's partially where the 'interactive' bit comes in. Apparently Gail Giles does this too. I'm not a freak of nature! Really!

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Anonymous said...

Oh good, I thought it was just me. We should go to movies together.

Gail Giles