Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Someone please convince me:

Listened to thirty minutes of this audio book. Couldn't stand the narrator. Wasn't engaged to the story (this might be the narrator's fault). Someone, please tell me why I should expend any more effort on this. Or even if I shouldn't. Oh, and Paul Fleischman's picture was creepy. He'd never make Fuse#8's Hot Men of Children's Literature.


Anonymous said...

Well, I love both of the Fleishmans and I loved Whirligig. I remember the narrator being a pill at the beginning, but I think he improved. Can't remember specifics. Maybe I should re-read it.

Jackie Parker said...

Well, it was the guy reading the audio book, not so much the main character that drove me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I can see how that would be hard to get past. Well, there's always the book-book, I guess.