Thursday, May 11, 2006

And the crown is yanked away.

So Jaclyn Moriarty is my new hero. Stephenie Meyer may take her title back when New Moon is published, but right now, Jaclyn Moriarty has it firmly in her hands. Even if she does spell her first name wrong. She also has a blog which I'll add to the author list in the hopes that someday she'll update it. Until I get irritated/bored with the lack of postings, that is. John Green always comes so close to getting kicked of the list for lack of posts. Then he posts. Typical.

Anyway. The Year of Secret Assignments. I reached page 262 (while on a treadmill of all places) and had a sudden epiphany, two actually. This wasn't a good book. This was a sensational book. Little details, inconsequential when introduced are anything but 50 pages later. It was go ahead and laugh out loud, despite whomever might shoot you glances indicating that your sanity is doubted, wonderful. I actually experienced physical pain with my worry for a character by page 127. I can't recall that ever happening before. Entirely satisfying. Will now have to add Moriarty to the authors-I-have-to-catch-up-on list. Drat. I think this is also complicated with the fact that the titles are completely different between the originating Australia and here.

Oh, right, the second epiphany. Sarah. You said that after doubting me about Twilight, you would never doubt my recommendations again. Or something like that. Read this book. Put aside whatever depressing memoirs or trashy chick lit you were going to read and do this one instead. Really. Trust me.

For those of you keeping track, yeah, this is the 3rd book in a row with an Australian author. Odd coincidence.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you loved it -- so did I! I raved and raved (and raved) about it to anyone who'd listen after I read it. Feeling Sorry for Celia is also excellent, but a bit less lively.

Cory said...

I liked this book, too . . . it had more "heft" than I thought it was going to. A good combination of importance and fun. Feeling Sorry for Celia just suffered from bad marketing (IMHO). Oh . . . and Sarah badgered me into reading Twilight.

Anonymous said...

"It was go ahead and laugh out loud, despite whomever might shoot you glances indicating that your sanity is doubted, wonderful."

Yet another example of the interactive reading...:-p

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I loved it, too!!! HILARIOUS. One of my all-times faves. And I second Leila on Feeling Sorry For Celia, as well.