Friday, September 26, 2008

What? Almost OCTOBER? Well that means....


I am again heading up the Young Adult Fiction category! I'm honored and amazed that they are letting me do it again this year (suckers). The panel was announced earlier today on the Cybils blog. I'm so excited about the participants this year (this is not to say I don't love everyone I've worked with on this panel for the last two years. I do. Most definitely.), there are some new names, and some old names, and some people I'm just really happy to maybe have the opportunity to get to know better. And SO, HERE'S THE 2008 YA FIC PANEL!:

Organizer: Jackie Parker Interactive Reader (hee hee!)

Panelists (Round I judges)

  • Jocelyn Pearce Teen Book Review (Here's a first - an actual teen on this panel!)

Judges (Round II)

  • Lili Wilkinson Inside a Dog (Hey! That's Aussie-land! And a d&mn good site if you aren't familiar)
  • Casey Titschinger Avid Teen Reader (I dig a blog that isn't afraid to say "meh" about a book.)
The FUN begins on October 1st!


tanita✿davis said...

Oh, have FUN. I am not going to be on your committee for the foreseeable future, since I'm now publishing (*sob*/*grin*)(until I start writing science fiction and fantasy, or something) but I wish you the greatest fun.

Anonymous said...


Charlotte said...

I'll be thinking of you! Don't forget to tell the panalists to start reading a book a day beginning now! Given that we had 126??? or so books last year, that will still not be enough days in which to read them all.

Dawn Wilson said...

Hope it rocks! :)

holly cupala said...

That's really cool, Jackie! Congratulations!