Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KidLit '08

I kept telling myself all summer long, "Things will settle down in September, things will slow down in September." Yeah, right. I'm so far behind my eyeballs are getting poked by the piles I'm wading in.

HOWEVER, I am going to the Kidlit Blogger's Conference in Portland next weekend (hmm. perhaps I should buy me [and Colleen]some train tickets...). It's going to be the best blend of fun and info, so if you haven't already decided you're coming - now's the time. TUESDAY is absolutely the very last day to decide on it. They've got to know by then. Take a look at who's coming. And what's happening.

If you know you can't come, but want to support the cause, check out the Cafe Press page. I want that shirt.

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