Sunday, June 01, 2008

For some inexplicable reason...My hair.

Ok, this marks a *cough* historic event. I've never placed any pictures of me on this blog... Now there will be, well, a handful of them in this post... For those of you who were curious about what I was going to do with my hair. Which, should be relatively few of you. After tonight, I promise I'll leave personal stuff out of the blog for a while. I've read quite a few really good books lately, and I really want to share them with you all. Soon.

Here's how I started off this morning, well after walking through the weirdly chilly and windy streets of Seattle. Nothing at all wrong with my hair. It's just been the same way for too long. I'd normally never allow such a double-chin focused picture to be seen in public, but I love that t-shirt. I bought it for Kyle (for Valentine's Day), but he didn't get it - he does not understand how Candy Corn Cannibalism is hilarious. He thinks broccoli might be funny though. So, I reclaimed it. And wear it proudly. How many of you agree that it's a funny tee? Seriously, maybe if we all disagree, he'll see the light. *nods*

Mid-process. Turns out the Henna I had fun with last summer was still in my hair, and is apparently very difficult to get out. She needed to bleach the hair if there was to be any hope of getting some dimension. Or something. Clearly, I'm a little concerned - as I've no desire to be blond. In. Any. Way.
And, there we are. In my bathroom. All self-portraits should happen in the bathroom, yes? That's my Christmas cactus in the background, there. It's a good plant. It even blooms occasionally. It's a little hard to tell what my hair looks like here, but it's bright red on dark red. I really wasn't comfortable with the idea of a bob. I don't want anyone to think that I like Katie Holmes OR V Beckham. So I'll stick to my vaguely rocker-chic thing I've now got going (I'm so not a rocker chick, so we'll see how this goes...). It's got a lot of layers. Which you really can't tell here. But there are. Really. I swear. 



tanita✿davis said...

Oh, Katie Holmes, Schmatie Momes. I like your cheekbones and think you could have gone shorter, BUT, I think it looked fine long, too, have to admit that I liked the blonde streaks AND I think it looks great now. (What's funniest is that you look like three different people in those pictures -- amazing what angle and lighting does.) I have a box of some burgundy mousse stuff to try when I get my hair done week after next -- you've inspired me to make an appointment to do something semi-drastic. We'll see if my resolve lasts almost two weeks...

Erin said...

I like! A lot!

Unknown said...

Yay for posting pics! I think it's your perfect cut :) Sidebar: I looked at the first pic and thought "dude, Jackie, they hardly changed it".. then scrolled down. It's very, very cute, way to go.

Jen Robinson said...

I like it, too. But I agree with TadMack - you look like three different people in those photos.

I'm terrible about never changing my hair - I was emotionally scarred when I was in high school by an experiment with "Sun-In" that, combined with the chlorine from the pool, turned my hair green. And I've never messed with the color ever since. But the day when I'll need to do something about color is rapidly approaching... Thanks for showing me how very cool a new hairstyle can look.

Kelly said...

I LOVE the color. In fact, I love the color so much I may steal it :)

(Doesn't count as twinsies if we are in different locations, right?)

Sarah Miller said...

Oh, kick butt! This is something I should do. ....fat chance.

Jackie said...

Well, I just want to be a master of mystery, so that when I meet all of you you won't recognize me no matter what!

OMG, JEN - SUN-IN!! That was such a huge thing when I was a teen! I'd totally forgotten it!

T - Embrace the moose!

Sarah - Celebrate the end o' the book with a good make over. Or, perhaps, the sale of the book with a good make over. Pamper yourself after these many months of stress.


Thanks guys!

Kelly - it does not. But if you're going to the Kidlit Conference, we'll definitely have to get pics together.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it...that's a hot haircut. Good for you. And good for me that I get to see it in person very, very soon! :)

Also, cannibalistic candy corns are freaking hilarious.
-Lisa said...

THIS is an awesome haircut. The color is PERFECT for your eyes, and the shape is so flattering on you.

Nice Jackie! find a place that would work magic on my neglected head. Inspiration!