Monday, June 02, 2008

Couple Things:

So bff Sarah sent me the link to the cover. What do you guys think? It kinda freaks me out. Very ominous. But, if I'm honest? It just makes me think of the first Harry Potter. I think any larger-than-life chess will now always have that connotation for me. Interesting that the pawn is the red/bloody one, and the queen is white. Does that mean Bella is the Queen? The one that matters most? heh. Of course it does.

But she is so not going to be turned into a vampire.

(I'm prepared to eat my words, but I don't think she'll turn.)

No matter what issues there are with the series, I'm DYING to know what makes her so special that Eddie can't hear her thoughts, Alice can't see her future, and why the creepy Italian vamps find her so interesting.


Colleen Mondor has started another... project. View it as an answer to Reader Girlz: Guys Lit Wire. It's live today, and will have posts connecting teen boys with books 5+ days a week. She's assembled a LARGE panel of posters, digging up many of the very rare males for an authentic voice for teen lit for guys. It's worth checking out.

I'm technically involved, but I haven't done anything more than a random email or two. I'm more of a swing poster there. I'll do little tidbits when I feel like it (that's my kind of arrangement, btw. No Deadlines!).
Sarah Stevenson (aka a.fortis at Finding Wonderland) has pretty much done all of the site - including the graphic you see above. Pretty dang awesome.

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Little Willow said...

The cover made me think of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.