Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Right. So...Howsabout a poll. You like polls, don't you?

I'm busily packing up and moving and doing all the things that entails (read: hassle after hassle after hassle), and in all of that it becomes even more apparent that I have this stack of library books that I've read, but haven't blogged yet. Well, my last day at the library is tomorrow, and I'm betting they'd like their books back. So...this is a little bit of a list so I remember what I need to blog about, but also, something to allow you to give me feedback on what you'd like me to talk about next. Have at it:

Proof that librarians make the WORST patrons. Or, at least, I do.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say "Congratulations!!!!" about the new job earlier.

And I'm a bad librarian patron, too. For years, I rarely had overdue fines, and when I did, I'd pay them right away. Then I started working in a library. Now I'm constantly returning books late and am all, like, "$4.00? Whatever, I'll pay it later."


Anonymous said...

OMG your last day is tomorrow! I can't believe it! Have fun :)