Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's life without DRAMA?

There was SO much of my high school experience in this book. It brought me back to the days where we'd go months listening to nothing but Les Miz, Rent, or whatever the latest flavor or production was. I remember casting all of Les Miz in Justin's car on the way home several times. He wouldn't turn down Valjean, but had a special place in his heart for M. Thénardier. Me? Eponine's got the best songs, but I had a bit of a hankerin' for Fantine - I thought it more of a challenge (and something with less competition). I wore out that CD. Still have it, but it won't play without skipping.

Gosh, it seems like I've read a lot of E. Lockhart this year. This one is, by far, my favorite. You might be saying now, "Hey, wait! That book isn't out yet!" And you would be right. Comes out next week. I snatched this ARC from the collections department at work. Wasn't that clever of me? (actually, Rachel E did the dirty work of snatching, but I did the work of reading. Which wasn't. Work, I mean. I'm good at that.)

Ohio's boring. At least it is for Sayde and Demi. Their small town is NOT big enough for their real personalities - or their talent. Each apply, audition, and get into the Musical Theater Summer Camp That Dreams Are Made Of. The moment he arrives, it is clear that Demi belongs, like the place wasn't complete without him. For Sayde it isn't as easy, and as she watches her best friend blossom, she must figure out who she is when she isn't needed, and when she isn't as special around hoards of girls who want the very same thing.

Lockhart has been very good at capturing the slightly obsessive teen girl. Dramarama is no exception. This book is FUN. Deals with just as many issues as the Ruby Oliver books, but (and maybe this is b/c I've been in musicals but not in therapy) goes a little deeper. The highs are higher and the lows are more painful. We can see Sayde's mistakes and flaws, and completely get her motivation and inability to stop. It's about friendships, how they grow and change. It's about dreams.

Oh, if you are at all, or ever were, a musical theater geek - let me warn you, after reading this book you will be pulling out ALL of your dusty musical soundtracks and singing along for weeks. If your addiction was even worse, you may just have to put the book down a few times and belt out the lyrics to the songs Sayde talks about. Yeah. That was me. I'm sure my neighbors loved that part.

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